The subject of “Mon Usine” are the functional, everyday routines and actions and their individual variations and modifications in movement, sound and image. Their starting point of scrutiny is the human body: the web of repetitive, mechanic movements; the total interaction and cooperation of organs and cells. This rigid system is the basis of all human beings.

Is the human body machine-like? Is society and eco-system machine-like? Are we standing by the production line of our personal and human history? Are we robots in the web of the strict system of rules, the interconenctions of wich we, ourselves don’t see any more? Do we knnow the reasons of our actions? Where is free will?

Participating artists: Dance: Júlia Hadi (HU), Virág Arany (HU), Music: Stéphane Kozik (FR/PL), Visuals: Damien Pairon (BE)

After a successful work-in-progress showing on June 3, 2013 in Budapest, the première is planned for winter 2013.

Statement by Julia Hadi on the production process: 


The basic aim of the project was to create a performative format in which the three disciplines – dance, sound, visual – play an equal role, interact with each other not only in the creation process but in the actual performance itself. To make something together that individually we haven’t done before. To find a theme that is driving all four of us into one direction, that is open, yet shaping our different attitudes towards a common ground.



Personally I had no specific expectations. I was very excited about the work, but all the organizational preparation leading to the rehearsal period somehow put me into a very pragmatic approach, which was a bit hard to let go when the actual process began. This was interesting to experience, yet a little frightening when I realized it. I felt my head was too much full with everyday problems, issues and I was worried how I can get back to my creativity, playfulness and openness.


The process

The actual creation process where all participants were present (two dancers, one sound artist and a visual artist) was three and a half weeks.

The first week was serving as a kind of brainstorming period and technical preparation, try out, in which we dancers got to know more the technical background used by our collaborating artists.

The second phase of the work, two and a half weeks was about executing, creating our ideas from before. It was very intense, we spent 8-10 hours in the studio and had one day off in 20 days. This means we had 26 rehearsals together.



The most challenging, interesting aspect of this work was the format of collaboration. How to find a common ground in such a short amount of time? How do we make all for of us motivated to the same degree?

How do we make decisions? How do we communicate or doubts, how do we share our opinions, how do we express our criticism to each other? Even if we agree in something, do we really mean the same (language)? How much we discuss and how much we ‘just do’? How we deal with disagreement? Conflict? How do we support each other? To what extent can we stick to or let go our own ideas?

It was a very strong experience about all these questions and I learned a lot about trust, group dynamic and myself of course. I find it very important to establish in ourselves the skills for collaboration and I think on the whole each one of us learned a lot and we succeeded even if it was really hard sometimes.  It was like a mini model of a democratic state, where different ideas, needs, tastes, approaches clash and have to find their way to be formed by the four of us. It was great.


The outcome

The work in progress presentation, which closed this phase of the work, was fruitful because we have put down the ground and pointed out the directions that characterizes and frames this performance. We created something that we couldn’t have done without the others or other people. It was really coming from all four of us. It is not a dance piece, not a sound installation, not a video-installation but all in one, live, organic connection between these disciplines. That is what we wanted and it is put out for an audience. Mission completed.

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