The Ballet of Albertina Macchiavello, Johnny Mclay and Ignatz van Stereo

“The Ballet of Albertina Macchiavello, Johnny Mclay and Ignatz van Stereo” is the second stage work resulting from the on-going artistic collaboration between Thomas Steyaert and Raúl Maia. Together, they explore the multiple potentials of output from the artistic practice of non-representational, kinetic communication systems. Their first stage work focused mainly on non-representational movement systems between two performers in which sound and light functioned as supportive elements to suggest directions of meaning. For the new stage work, they will be reconsidering the standard relationships and hierarchies between the physical performance and these external elements. The aim is to expand the notion of communication systems to all elements on stage, creating a sense of equality between media and performers.


Participation artists:

Concept: Thomas Steyaert (BE), Raul Maia (PT)
Creation/Performance: Albertina Macciavello (Varinia Vila Canto), Johnny Mclay (Thomas Steyaert) and Ignatz van Stereo (Raul Maia)
Sound: the performers
Light: Bas Devos

After residencies in February/March2012 at Rosas studios Brussels (BE), in June 2012 in Kaaistudios Brussels (BE) and in November 2012 in the studios of Ultima Vez, Brussels (BE), the piece successfully premiered in Vienna (AT) at WUK in February 2013. Further, they are invited to perform at the December Dans Festival in Bruges (BE) on December 7, 2013. 

Premiere: Feburary 16 and 18, 2013 at WUK Vienna (AT)

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