ELDORADO is a contemporary dance project with a part of aerial work research. The central element of this piece for 5 performers will be a vertical climbing net hanging quite central, covering the entire visibility and rising on stage as a border.


The desire to approach the theme of “eldorado“ came after reading a book from Laurent Gaudé. The wish grew to transport the images of the boook and to create a performance dealing with the atmosphere of that kind of journey. To touch that form of force and courage, of change, of quest.


Participation artists:

Bénédicte Mottart (BE) - choreographer / performer / dancer

Tanja Marín Friðjónsdóttir (IS) - performer / dancer

Marie Souquet (FR) - performer / dancer

Peter Juhasz (HU) – performer / dancer

Dawid Lorenc (PL) – performer / dancer

Coralie Vanderlinden (BE) – directing assistant

Martin Mahaux (BE) – music creation

Benoît Ausloos (BE) – technical director


Première:  Le Manège Mons, Festival au Carré (FR) / June 8, 2013


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