ENTER the IMAGE, MAKE a filmed experimentof “Tuning Score”, composition and research process by Lisa Nelson (USA)

This is about making a filmed experiment showing the choreographic process of composition and research: Tuning Score, by Lisa Nelson. Filmed experiment means that the implementation complies with the concept of the choreographic work and particularly the image as its operating scheme.

Indeed with Tuning Score Lisa Nelson brings into play a collective experience of composition or tuning simply through looking and acting based on an image originating from that experience. The objective of this project is supported by the fact that this process stages the performance from a dialectical point of view.

Dance is therefore exposed to view, movement is exposed to its survival through the image as memorised, doubled or reflective. The thing is to grasp the dynamic relationship unfolding on the screen of the visible: the stratification of an image taking shape over time, forming a volume, a layer of complex sensations, the incorporation or, in other words, the acting-out of each participant.

This is the material we must convey through the filmed image, moving material that crystallises and comes apart as it disappears almost simultaneously in a dance exploring the interplay of relationships.

The issue is to film that stage of exposure within and through which experience becomes an image.

The feasibility of the project is based on the support and involvement of Lisa Nelson in this initiative and on a team with significant experience of the practical side of the process and the critical skills to detect its implications and bring out its limits.

This project was accepted as part of a research aid programme (Délégation Danse, French Ministry of Culture).

Participating artists:
Project Initiator and Manager: Patrick Gaïaudo
Tuning Score Team: Baptiste Andrien (BE), Franck Beaubois (FR/BE), Patrick Gaïaudo (FR), Pascale Gille (FR/BE), Bettina Helmrich (DE), Phil Jeck (UK/IT), Lisa Nelson (USA), Scott Smith (UK), Peter Hulton (UK), David Ayoun (FR), Alva Noë (USA).


Premiere on April 27, 2011 at Studio Bagouet – CCN

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