Nous ne sommes pas tous des danseurs (“Not all of us are dancers”) is a project involving an unusual biography of dancers. Dancers in the plural since several dancers will tell us about life, their life, the life of the other, the life of others and the life of their others.

Nous ne sommes pas tous des danseurs will consist in a biographical account, both editorial and choreographic.

This biography will be playful, it will not tell the truth simply because the truth does not exist. This biography will have to be fictional, theatrical because it will be made public.
Nous ne sommes pas tous des danseurs is about time, art, society and discourse, no less.
Nous ne sommes pas tous des danseurs is a project where there will be much talk about what we think we know or knew of dance, what we hope or hoped from it, what it means to spend one’s life, of a part of it, dancing, what it involves for and in our life to be a dancer. Telling will make us dance, and not the other way around.

Participating artists:
Creation: Enora Rivière
Dancers (casting in progress): Christine Bombal, Herman Diephuis, Sophie Gérard, I-fang Lin, Sylvain Prunenec, Thiago Granato, Margot Videcoq

Premiere: March 18, 2010 at Studio Bagouet - CCN

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