“When faced with a duel, mean and cowardly people are held back because of the risks involved; putting an end to the duel is leaving the field to them, leaving us unprotected in the face of their intolerable tyranny.” Excerpt from the text Du Duel, written by Arnaud Nougarède de Fayet in 1838 at a time when duels were still standard practice.
Duel dates back to antiquity. To end a deadly war, leaders would choose a hero among their people to defend their side. Duel still exists today. During the elections for example, verbal duals in the media, typical of our democracies, secure a fair representation of both parties and the general acceptance of the results.
Duel is a protection against the barbarity of never-ending wars.
Heroes designated to represent their camp will rush headlong into war and fully commit themselves. They do not fight for themselves but to wipe out the conflict

They confront each other, face to face, and together they face the hardships that divide men.
The piece Duel gives an overview of the iconography of duels in literature, cinema and elsewhere with 5 artists – performing dancers and performers – chosen to be our champions. This year, focusing on the duel and its pacifying effect will be a way for us to keep questioning the limits of the dancing body, the commitment of the dancer outside of himself, the strength of representation and its impact on he who plays his part and on them who place themselves in his hand and support him with their eyes, how the duel transforms the protagonists and those they represent.

Participating artists:
choreography: Anne Lopez (FR)
performers: Gaspard Gilbert - Florent Hamon - Jean-Philippe Derail - Hichem Belha - François Lopez 
lighting: Alain Paradis
costumes: Stéphanie Boué

Premiere: November 17 and 18,2009 at Odéon, Théâtre de Nîmes

Further Touring:
March 21 - 24, 2013 at Studio du Regard du Cygne - Paris


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