Statement of intent for Chevreuil - Rémy Héritier - December 7th 2008 Chevreuil is a piece currently underway with no final writing choices yet. Therefore, what I can focus on here are the notions brought into play through work. The main objective is linked with the archaeological concept, for this science, which questions the context of emergence of found objects, also conveys the idea of a successive stacking-up that comparatively refers to the process of socialisation of the body, of incorporation. Consequently, it is about stacking up experiences as well as conflicts between those experiences and about how these conflicts shape my choices (conscious or unconscious) in terms of choreography, our choices (conscious or unconscious) in terms of performance and where we are going.

As a starting point for archaeology we chose to address Russian ballet by making the assumption that if, from our position as dancers and choreographer in 2008 we dig up memorial ruins of Russian ballet (understood as the first occurrence of modernity in dance), we will look across a century of dance, of choices, of contexts to bring up to date and draw both the survivals and the conflicts. Consequently, once the piece has been achieved, the Russian ballet will most likely fail to be visible. Chevreuil would therefore be used to coordinate the documents unearthed and thought up by such work. Through Chevreuil ‘s choreographic language, two performance patterns would co-exist – one showing a document and the other presenting a document, a document being both the source and the result of a creative process.

Residency period: February 2 - 22, 2009 at Studio Bagouet - CCN

Premiere: February 19, 2009

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