Short description by Eraslan Sağlam | May 28th, 2010

‘Being Turkish, Kurdish, Armenian... Living in Nusaybin or Nişantaşı... Being homosexual or heterosexual... Being woman in itself...’

I was invited to the general rehearsal of the show Mesele at Kumbaracı50. The choreographer Talin Büyükkürkciyan is an artist who has issues with the oppressions in each period by the hegemonic -official and non-official- ideologies. Her attitude has been actively visible since the assassination of Hrant Dink. Therefore I have seen a Mesele (trans. Issue) full of ‘issue’s.

I am calling it show, for it is impossible to describe the work with only one discipline. Disciplines such as physical theatre, dance and dramatic theatre are interwoven in the show. Its only issue is to tell the ‘issues’. In this sense Mesele starts with a ‘fairy tale’. Tülin Özen tells the fairy tale in an alternative approach. It is a fairy tale about what is happening at Tuzla shipyards. Then the issues start one after another. Almost all issues touching us in our lives, seeming political or apolitical, come forward to the stage. Being Turkish, Kurdish, Armenian... Living in Nusaybin or Nişantaşı... Being homosexual or heterosexual... Being woman in itself... The show also features the media extensively. The selection of news, the interventions to the selections, the process of cutting up the news are amongst the most memorable scenes. The most frequent element is, on the other hand, is the patriarchal world. The stage workers do not present this patriarchal world through a thick feminist discourse. We can read the patriarchal world women wink at and support at the same time. Ecological issues and their economic dimensions appear on stage not only specifically in the frame of oil consumption, but also through general consumption habits. Thanks to these, we see a text that tries to avoid overseeing any ‘issue’. The element of the stage design is very minimal in order not to overshadow the issues. Everything is expressed with the help of four black tubes. We see how many tubes we have, how many tubes enter in our lives as a supporting theme. Same minimalism is also prevalent in the costume design. The group tries to emphasize the issues by minimal change of costumes. The lighting design is quite exciting by the shadows reflected on the grey walls of Kumbaracı50. The music provide the background for the scenes as a reference… The show catches our attention for the issues by its sympathetic and surprising inventions.


Participating artists
Performance: Tülin Özen (TR), Esra Yurttut (TR), Burak Akyol (TR), Talin Büyükkürkciyan (TR)
Light Design: Alev Topal (TR), Music Design: Alper Maral (TR), Costume Design: Elif Keskinkılıç (TR) Poster: Ezgi Didem Sugötürmez (TR), Light Table: Fuat Mete (TR)

Premiere: May 28, 2010 at  Kumbaracı50 (İstanbul)


Further Touring:

28 -29 May 2010   Kumbaracı 50 (Beyoğlu – İstanbul)
6 December 2010  Oyun Atölyesi (Kadıköy – İstanbul)
16, 18 & 27 January     Cezayir Restaurant (Beyoğlu – İstanbul)
14, 28 February,
15, 18, 24 March 2010
19 Nisan 2010  Maya Sahnesi (Beyoğlu – İstanbul)


Short CV:

Talin Büyükkürkciyan

After graduating from European Dance Development Center in Arnhem in 2002, Talin Büyükkürkciyan founded Prospero Dance Company in 2007 and presented her work ‘Topsyturvy’ at Istanbul Dance Festival the same year. The work was also performed in Bonn Biennial in 2008 and gained appreciation. It was performed again in Prague and Istanbul. Büyükkürkciyan’s following works are 40. Kapıyı açarsan..., Erector, Tersi-Düz, Mekanizmalar, Mesele and Lokum. Tersi-Düz, Mesele and Lokum premiered in Istanbul International Theatre Festival. 

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