The transient nature of such an occupation creates subtle shifts in the nature and use of space and brings into question the rights and ownership of such. The energy and superficial expectations of the city can be overwhelming and push its inhabitants to a point where they revert to a natural, anamalistic way of living out in the open without the confines of accepted structures.

Participating artists:

A collaboration between: Sello Pesa and Vaughn Sadie
Performance: Humphrey Maleka (RSA),  Brian Mtembu (RSA)
Contributing Local Performers: Metin Göksel (TR), Atalay Camcı (TR), Demet Yola (TR), Yunus Başaran (TR), Hilal Sibel Pekel (TR), Yusuf Aydemir (TR)
Taxi: Emre Kara (TR)
Driver: Ertürk Konuk (TR)
Trash Collectors: Hasan Sağırlar (TR), Mohamed Katta
Artistic Advisor: Mirko Winkel (DE)
Special thanks: Mustafa Akmaca, Nuri Sülün, Tahir Özçiçek, Harman Börek ve Pide Salonu, Seçkin Dikmen, Mehmet Dikmen, Murat Dikmen, Çift Yıldız Pastanesi, Çarşı Fırın, Yeni Şehir Manavı, Merkez Kıraathanesi, Mehmet Şükrü Yılmaz, Yeni Doğan Mağazaları and Dolapdere "Habitant"s

Premiere: October 19, 2011 at Dolapdere, Istanbul

Further Touring: October 20, 2011 in Istanbul

Short CVs:

Sello Pesa is the artistic director of Ntsoana Contemporary Dance Theatre and is interested in the changes and challenges that arise from living in South Africa. He toured South Africa and Europe with the Soweto Dance Theatre and received a scholarship to study at the Northern Contemporary Dance School in Leeds. Sello co-founded Inzalo Dance Theatre and was co-director until 2002 after which he spent four years collaborating with French choreographer Valérie Berger in Reunion Island. Sello’s works have toured internationally – Same but Different won the Sanga II African Contemporary Dance Competition in Madagascar and was performed as part of “Movement (R)evolution In and Out of Africa” which toured the USA. He has been commissioned to create works for Yorkshire Dance, the American Dance Festival, the FNB Dance Umbrella (Johannesburg), Arts Alive and the Small World Festival (Russia). He is a highly sought after teacher and has conducted choreographic workshops on behalf of the FNB Dance Umbrella, at the Small World Festival in Russia, at the Tanzfabrik – Berlin and at the Attakkalari Biennial in India. 2008-2010 saw Sello working with Carlos Pez and Tanzfabrik Berlin on the Cross Currents and Sharpsharp Activities Projects which took place in South Africa and Berlin. He has performed his solo After Tears in Berlin, at the Julidans Festival in Amsterdam and at the Attakkalari Biennial in India.  Sello enjoys exploring new ways of working and pushing the boundaries of his experience which led to the collaboration with Peter van Heerden (erf {81} Cultural Collective) in creating the controversial Time of the Small Berries for the FNB Dance Umbrella. Sello was inspired by Jay Pather to participate in visual artist Vaughn Sadie’s project Performing the Street Lamp which led to their collaboration in creating Inhabitant.

In 2010 Sello created Lime Light on Rites in partnership with the Goethe Institute which was performed at GoetheonMain and at the Jomba! Contemporary Dance Experience; Same But not Different was toured to the National Arts Festival and the In House Project took place in Jo’burg and its surrounding Townships. The In House Project was invited to be performed as part of the Colloquium Emerging Modernities held at the University of Cape Town in 2011.

Vaughn Sadie is a conceptual artist and educator. He has participated in several group shows nationally (Being Here 2005, SAartsEMERGING 2007, Light Show 2008 and Social Patterns 2009). Following his 2005 show Spill light, presented as part of the KZNSA Gallery’s Young Artists Project, curated by Storm Janse van Rensberg, his first solo exhibition, situation, was held at Bank Gallery in 2009 and travelled to the AVA in Cape Town in 2010. Sadie’s interest in the role and function of artificial light has seen him facilitate light workshops with Jay Pather for the Spier Contemporary Performance Workshops in 2007/9. In 2009 Sadie completed his MFA at the Durban University of Technology and was a full time lecture at Vega The Brand Communications School for six years. In 2010 Sadie traveled to Holland with Jay Pather’s Body of Evidence and was awarded two residencies one at the Bag Factory Artist Studios, Johannesburg and the second with Twenty Ten Reasons To Live In A Small Town, in Dundee, KwaZulu- Natal. 

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