As stated in its name, the performance points out the loneliness of the modern dance artists lacking the support of Culture Ministry. It questions the existence of such institutes with an alternative approach.


Participating artists:
Performance: Erdem Gündüz (TR), Phillippe Misischi (FR), Cemil Can Yusufoğlu (TR), Carolin Weihrauch (DE), Patrick Adam (USA)


Premiere: March 2012 at  Mimar Sinan University Campus  


Short CVs:

Choreograph Erdem Gündüz

Studied at Ege University where he started his acting and dance education. He established Ege University Dance Theater Company and trained the company himself for two years. Graduated from Yıldız Technical University Modern Dance Programme in 2007. Danced at CRR Dance Theater and Istanbul Dance Theater. He has performed many times abroad.


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