“The laboratory study of 2,5 years with Aydın Teker was a intensive physical and cognitive process which helped me to develop my perspective about dance, performance and body. The technical background and experience that I gained during this study are the most important factors that enabled “Down to the earth”

My objective to create a world in which the physical and theatrical live together and influence each other was realized by meaningful partners. By the help of our desire and action for collective creation, we searched for a cognitive breakdown in our bodies and movement as well.

This performance has been formed during our effort to understand the human-specific themes in movement while the relationship between time, space and plane is transformed into images. We experienced that human body has a creative and surprising potential even in a condition of desperate movement. While evolving within the boundaries of our bodies, we discovered what we are capable of or not by breaking down our own illusions. The structure of this performance is constructed within the journey, which probably will become our journey of life, between illusion and alienation.”


Participating artists

Choreography: Münibe Millet (TR)
Dance Performance : Ecem Alfan (TR),Münibe Millet (TR)
Sound Design: Frederic “Virlyn”  Vanderlynden (BE)
Costume Design: Zeynep Demirhan (TR)
Light Design: Alev Topal (TR)
Photos: Engin Irız (TR)

Premiere: March 15, 2013 at  Sahnehal (İstanbul)

Further Touring:
March 15, 2013 Sahnehal
April 2, 2013         ÇATI/TAL Ortak Mekan
April 15, 2013       Sahnehal                


Short CVs:


Münibe Millet

Graduated from Pera Fine Arts Theatre department in 2004. After that, started Mimar Sinan University Conservatory Modern Dance Department. Participated  some festivals and projects during her education. After finishing conservatory, joined somatic laboratory project with Aydın Teker for 2,5 years. During this period, participated Kadir Has University advanced acting post-graduate programme as a guest student for one year. At same time, worked for Pera Fine Arts as a theater and dance instructor. Nowadays, she is working with different theatre groups for performance and theatrical projects and also preparing her individual projects.


Sound Design:

Frédéric Vanderlynden

Virlyn aka Frédéric Vanderlynden is a sound artist from Belgium, who's passion for electronic music was ignited at an early age. In his early twenties he went to university and got a degree in history and in film and visual culture. This did not only keep him interested in cinema but also sparked his interest in atmospheric music and sound design; a genre and direction of music making he's still exploring. Since then his music is evolving into an organic symbiosis of classical instruments and an electronic transformation of field recordings. He also got intrigued by the use and alteration of recorded vocals and spoken word. He released new work via the Belgian electronic label Xtraplex Records (Wolk EP) and the Canadian netlabel Spiritech Records (Scratch Book EP). In addition, he's collaborating with the Polish sound designer Dominique Grenzler (aka An Moku) on a project that will result in the release of an album Of Mirrors. His debut album 'Man Asleep' is getting release next month on ETALABEL.



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