A modern flat where a middle-class family lives, the day is like today. Arzu lost one of a pair of Marrylou mitt made of silk cashmere and is incessantly in search of it. What a weird country this is! Everything and everybody continuously disappear.   ‘Language’ talks about  the daily life of a social class which is about to disappear, from a grotesque perspective. The play mixes the colloquial language with the register of politics and scents out the loss in a fantastic atmosphere. ‘Language’ has a very keen understanding of humour and introduces a brand new and brave perspective to the field of playwriting.


Participating artists

Choreography: Münibe Millet (TR);
Dance Performance : Ecem Alfan (TR),Münibe Millet (TR);
Sound Design: Frederic “Virlyn”  Vanderlynden (BE);
Costume Design: Zeynep Demirhan (TR);
Light Design: Alev Topal (TR); Photos: Engin Irız (TR)


Premiere: May 21, 2013 at İKSV Salon (İstanbul)




Yeşim Özsoy Gülan is a writer/director residing in Istanbul. She is the founder and General Artistic Director of VeDST Theatre Group and GalataPerform.

VEDST was formed in 2002 and since then she has written, directed and produced ten different productions in Istanbul and in Europe all of which were written and directed by Özsoy Gülan;  ”Play Alla Turca”, “Year 2084″, “House-A Cacophonic Play”, “Limping Tales from İstanbul”, “Playback”, “Last World”, “The Notary”, “Third Universe”, “Turkiye-Almanya 0-0″ for which Özsoy Gülan resided in and worked for Wiesbaden State Theaters in Germany in 2009-2010 writing and directing “Turkiye-Almanya 0-0″ for the repertoire. “Century’s Love” was nominated in 5 different categories for 2011 Theatre Awards of Istanbul and won“Best Female Performer”. And her last play “It was a calm and chilly morning the day I started my journey” premiered at the 18th Istanbul International Theatre Festival.

Some other awards include: 2006 Afife Jale Theatre Awards for Best Playwright for “Limping Tales from İstanbul”, Lions Public Jury Award for Most Original Play for “Third Universe”. 

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