by Claire Cunningham (UK) 

It’s all about weight. It’s all about wait.

Stemming from research into the subject of landmines and conversations with landmine survivors and deminers on a recent journey through Cambodia (one of the world’s most heavily mined countries), Pink Mist takes its time. Gradual creeping time. The kind of time it would take to slowly demine a strip of land one metre wide and ten metres long, crouched down, piercing the ground with a pointed metal probe at an angle of thirty degrees to a minimum depth of fifteen centimetres, when you can only move forward in maximum increments of three centimetres at a time.

In collaboration with sound artist Zoe Irvine (UK) and under the mentorship of Richard Layzell (UK) and Mish Weaver (UK), this new work-in-progress from Claire Cunningham creates an environment that pulls our gaze to the ground and looks at the voids these objects leave– in time, in bodies, in the land and in our own certainty.

Pink Mist: an unofficial military term used to refer to the state a person ‘becomes’ after triggering a landmine or other unexploded ordinance…



Originally a classically trained singer, Claire Cunningham worked for 6 years in musical theatre, before developing an interest in aerial work and dance in 2005. A Creative Scotland Award in 2006 enabled Cunningham to investigate and develop a new movement vocabulary, specific and unique to her own physicality and virtuosity.
US performance artist Bill Shannon,mentored Cunningham in his ground-breaking Shannon Technique: a distinctive dance form integrating the creative and functional use of crutches. This experience prompted her to start creating and choreographing her own work and as a result her career has grown exponentially. Her own work has succeeded in crossing boundaries to engage both 'mainstream' and disabled audiences, (and dance and 'non-dance' audiences) while also provoking debate around issues of aesthetics and traditional notions of what dance is. 

Première: April 25, 2013 in the frame of the Behaviour Festival 2013 at The Arches in Glasgow (UK)

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