“I Sottaceti (Ep. I)” aims to practically and conceptually develop “SO WHAT”, a performance from 2011 with and by Zoë and Valentina that transformed the theatre into a place to study how to co-exist in an “iddiorhythmic” way. Now we co-exist as a group together with Paula and Stefan and turn our attention towards the situation and capacities of “study”, developing a mobile studio practice in the town of Santarcangelo that takes “study” into the town square, the aperitive, the local library, the cemetery, the local museum, the home, the fermenting habitat, the decaying fauna and finally, into the theatre.

Zoë Poluch has been busy with dance, choreography, acting, performing, organizing, administration, publishing, organization, and more dance. This has been in the context of dance companies and independent projects in Canada (notably in Montréal and Toronto), Brussels, Belgium and now Stockholm. These days she wonders how and what a local practice can be, compelling her to decipher what ‘local’ and ‘practice’ really want. The practice at stake is choreography in which she completed the MA at DOCH (mychoreography) in 2012 where she focussed on facilitating alternative models of working together using choreography as a structural and organizational capacity. This has led her to co-curating and organizing the "Practice Symposium", launching "Maximum Spaces", making and performing the latest show by The Knife called “Shaking the Habitual” and continuing with the ongoing collaboration "SO WHAT" with artist Valentina Desideri, the latest incarnation being this project through Jardin d'Europe. There are a couple of questions that surface and resurface: how to live together and how to work together. Vaguely and generally this entails setting up projects that play with what constitutes 'life', 'work' and 'together'.

Zoë Poluch (CA/SE))
Valentina Desideri (IT/NE)
Paula Caspao (FR/PT)
Stefan Tiron (RO)

Premiere: May 31, 2013 at Santarcangelo Festival Internazionale Del Teatro In Piazza

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