Dance Performance Musical

Participating artists:
Choreography and performance: Stina Nyberg (SE)

Set design: Jens Strandberg (SE)
Dramaturge: Sandra Lolax (FL)

“Musical” was co-produced by MDT Stockholm (SE), Cullberg Ballet through Jardin d`Europe.


In “Musical”, anatomy, body, sound, song, language and object are equally dependent on each other. Loosely built on Emotional Anatomy, a fake somatic practice for materialising emotions, the practice has materialised into several forms and expressions organized in this solo musical. The practice is made out of speculation and fantasy, hoping to imagine the world differently starting from imagining our own body differently.

Remember, my friend that no one can translate the meaning of what seems like a shout.


Première: December 13, 2012 at MDT Stockholm


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