Chorégraphy, BABY! Episode No.93
or how to dismantle the language of performance.

by Jana Jevtovic (RS) and Céline Larrère (FR)

Chorégraphie, baby! is a trial for a textual and performative riot against blind hermeneutics, and dirty kitchens of performance semiotics - in which we, « immerged dance makers », will be both researchers and materials of study.  

WARNING ! Any person we will meet will also be considered both an expert and a monkey to our ignorant-expert-and-cultured-monkey selves.

Being emerging makers in the field of performance, young contemporary choreographers and movers, tending towards movement fine arts, trying to develop a theoretical discourse about our practice, passing through creative processes and courageously braving deadlines, questioning body and mind relationships towards a cultural context, having wishes and delusions about collective experiences, aiming to embody cooperative and utopian production modes.......

Creation period: October 2012 - June 2013
Work in progress showing
on October 26, 8pm, 2012 at Mains D'Oeuvres, Saint-Ouen, Seine-Saint-Denis, France.

Premiere date:
May 21, 2013 in Belgrade

More information at http://choregraphiebaby.blogspot.fr/


Jana Jevtović

Jana Jevtovic is a choreographer and performer whose practice and research function through a multiplicity of forms. Recently she has collaborated with Mårten Spångberg and Pro-series Team on Geo-Trauma Dance which was presented in 2011 at ImPulsTanz International Dance Festival, as well as with the Swiss-based Compagnie LEOKI & La Bouillie d’Heidi on a project titled Edelweiss Tuning. Her research in choreography is focused on the development of the methodology of performance-making, with a committed curiosity and interest in working collaboratively.

In 2010 Jana took part in NOMAD - living, working and traveling through five Balkan countries with a group of 13 other artists. In 2011 she was a recipient of the Jardin d’Europe DanceWeb scholarship at ImPulsTanz.

She  is one of the founding members of the NOMAD project local partner organization in Belgrade, Serbia and continues to be involved in seminars and platforms developed through this network, such as Re-festivalization + De-festivalization at PLESkavica (Slovenia), as well as The Curatorial Programme of Kondenz (Serbia) and LocoMotion (Macedonia).

Since graduating from Concordia University’s programme in Contemporary Dance in 2006, Jana has worked with Montreal’s Band of Bless under the direction of Dana Michel for a number of years and has performed with Lucie Grégoire Danse, Sasha Kleinplatz and Andrew Turner, amongst others. Between 2006 and 2008 she developed a collaboration with video artist Boldizsar Csérnak-Risko which generated a number of works that continue to be screened internationally. In partnership with Jody Hegel, she will begin creation on The Parcel Project, produced by Intercult in Stockholm, Sweden in December 2011.

She lives and works between Montreal and Europe.

Célina Larrèrović

///// 30 female caucasian type chunky 1,688m nuts-haired french //

// performerimprovisercookerhandwriteracrobatreaderyodelsinger //

// raised with cow milk and ballet in deep countryside before immigrating in Paris east side /

/// studied savage contemporary dance, oyster philosophy and hairy ethnology ///// escaped from Folkwang Hochschule ///// attended Nomad Dance Academy 2009 in Balkan area /////

/// fell in love with aïkido ///// dug in improvisation and instant composition with Simone Forti, Andrew Morrish, Rosalind Crisp, Martin Sonderkamp, Benoît Lachambre, Deborah Hay, Meredith Monk, Helen Herbertson, Thomas Hauert, Isabelle Schad //

/// non-phallic member of les Moric(h)ettes, guilty of suspicious improvisation performances ///// DanceWeb 2011 / Île-de-France / Adami scholar recipient ///

/// knits different kinds of Faire Isle creations mixing all kind of creative threads
Rurbanisme, vidéodanse, 2008 /// Papalačinke, an eatable live installation with gratis pancakes, , 2009 /// La Femme est une bête de scène politique, with Amélie Gaulier, Ana Schnabl, Lise Vermot, 2010 //// Sounds like moving, with Chris Corsano, 2010 //// Artist as a present, collective project with Aleksandar Georgiev, Igor Koruga, Martina Nevistic, Ana Schnabl, Belgrade, 2011 //// Nous ne sommes pas des lapins, with Les Moric(h)ettes, 2012.

/// currently
/ year residency at Mains d'Oeuvres, St Ouen, with Les Moriic(h)ettes.
/ performer for next Aurélie Gandit 2013 creation, De Pictura.
/ launched into Chorégraphie, BABY !, long term and distance project with Jana Jevtovic.

/// invited in different festivals and exhibitions

2012 ///// Hors-Lits, Toulouse, FR / Excentricités, Besançon, FR / Cofestival, Ljubljana, SLO / ParkinProgress, World Event Young Artists, Nottingham, UK / Lokomotion festival, Skopje, MK.

2011 //// Densités, Fresnes-en-Woëvre, FR / L1 Dance Festival, Budapest HU / Flare Festival Manchester GB / Pleskavica Ljubljana SLO / Berlin, Choreographie einer Stadt Berlin D

2010 //// Performa Maribor SLO / GrenzArt Festival Kirschau D / Antistatic Sofia BG / Festival Transverse Nanterre FR / Zagreb Dance Platform HR / DMJ International Video Dance Festival J / Dança em Foco BR/ Festival Cinéma de Campagne Savonnières FR / Instants vidéos numériques et poétiques Martigues FR / GogolFest Kiev UK

2009 //// L1 Dance Festival, Budapest HU / Pleskavica Ljubljana SLO / VideoDansa Barcelona SP / POOL09 Berlin D / Wiener Festwochen A / Yokohama Film Festival J

2008 //// Festival Urban Connexions Paris FR / awarded at POOL08 Berlin -D

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