premiere: October 13, 2012 at iDANS06
                                                       garajistanbul, Istanbul (TR)

There are no more streets where we can get together, it’s crowded all over and no one is there, there are no more villages, there are developments, there are no more streets, there are thruways, the cities are blotted out on the ground, they go straight up, wall in streets, there are no more openings on the sea, the city, the forest, there’s no way out to escape, all the doors close on fear, political, atomic fear, fear of looting, of violence, of knives, of death, the fear of death decides life, (...)”  Marguerite Duras, THERE’S NO MORE ANYTHING. IT’S ALL STILL THERE AND THERE’S NO MORE ANYTHING, 1980. *

A post on craigslist, two characters waiting for a reply. Visions of mass suicide, a bucket list, the idea of dying for a cause… Someone trapped between the mundane and the extraordinary, is taking a final look at the space she/he occupies on earth. To make a little more room on this planet on its way to annihilation by over population, when there are so many meals to be had, so many books to be read, so many movies to be watched and so many journeys to be taken. To speak, in an apartment, against the swift pace of the life outside, all the while carrying a peculiar guilt over a random death.

Contrary to the Japanese society that inspired them, the geography that these two characters reside in may consider suicide as a personal act a luxury ; and in this very same geography, deaths, murders and suicide attacks may be considered ordinary. Add to this conflict the ridiculous wish of being noticed through such an act...

Re: Fwd: die in good company is based on political loss, dreams of a revolution and the idea of reaching the end of all. In their fourth stage performance, biriken touches on topics that they had also explored in their previous works such as self-space relationship and virtual self, self consumption in the popular culture and the ordinary. In this light  Re: Fwd: die in good company can be seen as a sequel to their installation  people as places as people (2007-2009).

View the trailer on vimeo >>here

text, direction, set: biriken 
 Gökçe Yiğitel, Okan Urun
project assistant: İrem Aydın 
lighting designer:
Metin Çelebi
lighting technician: Turan Tayar
stage web interface: 
kim ki o
biriken & Bimeras (TR) | iDANS

More information at www.biriken.com

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garajistanbul, Istanbul (TR)


biriken is an interdisciplinary art collective founded in 2006 by Okan Urun and Melis Tezkan.

Melis Tezkan was born in 1982 in Istanbul and lives in Paris and Istanbul. She took up ballet and modern dance with Yıldız Alpar, Aylin Kalem, Ömer Uysal until she moved to France in 2001. While studying at Nice Sophia-Antipolis University (Art-Communication-Language) she developed an interest for video and then gained more experience with the media professionally through various works in Brussels and Paris. At the moment, she works on her thesis towards a doctoral degree in aesthetics at Sorbonne Nouvelle University where she has been studying for the past seven years and also currently (2010-2011) teaches. Apart from biriken, she has collaborated with Nil Yalter on several projects.

Okan Urun was born in Istanbul in 1983. He completed his undergraduate and master of art degrees on theatre at Paris Sorbonne Nouvelle University between the years 2001-2007. At the same time, he continued his education on acting at the Paris Hector Berlioz Municipality Conservatory. He gives lectures at Maltepe University since 2008. He also translates texts of theatrical plays and he is the coordinator of “New Text New Theater”, international project of the Turkish interdisciplinary company VDST supporting the creation and the circulation of new dramatic writings. Apart from biriken, direction credits include: Rodrigo Garcia's AGAMEMNON (play reading at Pera Museum), Rémi De Vos' LAISSE MOI TE DIRE UNE CHOSE (play reading at the French Institute-Istanbul).


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