A main theme in Phenomena is that the performance is meaningless unless a person
makes personal commitments that give it meaning.

[Paraphrased quote from the Wikipedia article ‘Nausea (novel)’:
'La Nausée' is replaced by the word ‘Phenomena’ and 'life' by ‘the performance’.]

The foundations of this performance lay in the process of focusing on each of the
dancer’s individual way of moving. Following the solo ‘Hardcore Research on Dance’,
the first group piece of Georgia Vardarou will also be purely shaped by what appears
on stage. There is no central subject in ‘Phenomena’, instead events appear and
create the context of the piece.

Phenomena are humanly provoked events, moments of tiny contents that surface,
outbursts of statements, emptiness, reactions and enhancements of a narrative that
is turbulently being shaped.

The only frame is the theatrical space, the rest is the urge for making sense out of
situations of absurdity.

Concept & Choreography: Georgia Vardarou
Creation & Dance: Stav Yeini, Georgia Vardarou and Eun Kyung Lee
Light design: Salva Sanchis
Coach: Marc Vanrunxt
Technique: Stanislav Dobak

Coproduction: STUK kunstencentrum (Leuven), Jardin d'Europe, KUNST/WERK

In collaboration with: WP ZIMMER (Antwerp), WorkSpaceBrussels & Ultima Vez
(Brussels), VOORUIT (Gent), Monty (Antwerp)

Jardin d’Europe is supported by the Culture Program of the European Union

With the support of the Flemish Community.

Premiere: March 26, 2013 at STUK kunstencentrum (Leuven)

Further Touring
March 28, 2013 at Monty (Antwerp)
September 21, 2013 at Dommelhof, TAKT (Neerpelt)

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