premiere on April 12, 2012!

"Concerto for three bodies" is nominated for the Prix Jardin d'Europe 2012. More information >>here

Concerto for three bodies[1]- “progress in work”[2] is a trio[3] happening[4]  which came out of collective authorship[5] work[6] process[7] on a subject of communication between music as sound system[8] and  performative body[9] as system of movements. This product does not belong to anyone[10] and is taking place in theater space[11]. It flows as it is with(out) everything that happened and that will happen, regardless to references one may have.

Authors and performers: Jovana Rakić Kiselčić (RS), Aleksandar Georgiev (MK/BG) (Garage collective), Azra Ibrahimović (HR)
Dramaturge: Rok Vevar
Music: collage
Plesni Teater Ljubljana
12. i 13. April 2012.

Supported by:

O.N.E.  (Croatia), STANICA- service for contemporary dance (Serbia), LOKOMOTIVA-center for new initiatives in arts and culture (Macedonia)/ Jardin d’ Europe, European Cultural Foundation (Step Beyond), Plesni Teater Ljubljana (Slovenia). 


[1] Name of the performance

[2] Subtitle of the performance

[3] Trio refers to different musical ensembles and forms in composing and performing a certain piece of music

[4] Happening is a performance, event or situation meant to be considered art, usually as performance art.

[5] Collective authorship- work produced by multiple participants, but what is ever that straightforward when it comes to art? 

[6] Work; human labor; Working the system - using the rules and procedures meant  to protect a system in order, instead, to manipulate the system for a desired outcome

[7] Unifying principles which operate in many different systemic contexts; time frame: one month in Belgrade and three weeks in Ljubljana

[8] A system is a set of elements and relationships which are different from relationships of the set or its elements to other elements or sets. A set is a gathering together into a whole of definite, distinct objects of our perception and of our thought – which are called elements of the set.
[9] Performative body- objective body- objective: a result for whose achievement an effort is made
[10] referres to authors

[11] PTL- Plesni Teater Ljubljana


Further touring
October 28, 2012, 9pm at Kondenz Festival Belgrade, http://kondenz2012.blogspot.se/

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