Practice is a playful and intimate exploration into what we practice when we watch bodies perform. Developing its logic from questions of what a person can look like, or how we recognise a body’s form, it explores means of display and physical activity that render people familiar or strange.
Two performers travel through a series of activities and states of relation encompassing the quiet, the peculiar and the carefree. As they perform their bodies are subject to different states of theatrical framing as the material that dresses them is reconstructed into a set that surrounds them.
This shift in theatrical frame signals how modes of representation are at work when we regard the shape of others, allowing corresponding changes in our reading of the performers, their relationship with each other and with those of us watching them.

Participating artists:
Concept / Choreography: Nicola Conibere (UK)
Performance / Choreography: Neil Callaghan (UK) & Helka Kaski (Finland)
Assistant director / Choreography: Elena Koukoli (Greece)
Costume Design: Lucille Acevedo-Jones (UK)
Lighting Design / Production Manager: Mamoru Iriguchi (UK/Japan)

This co-production premiered on March 3, 2012 at Nottingham Contemporary, London (UK).

Further Touring

April 26, 2012 @ Laban Theatre London (UK)

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