“Eionometry means that we gather together, measure, act, and evaluate in order
to create disruptions in existing systems of value and redistribution of
information and money flow. We might get rich, smart or happy only through
the redistributed cognition and knowledge between individuals, artefacts or tools
of the environment. (E.I.O)”

As winner of the Prix Jardin d’Europe 2010 in Istanbul for their
piece “E.I.O.”, Eduard Gabia, Dragana Bulut and Maria Baroncea received EUR
10.000.- for a further co-production. They decided to develop the idea of “E.I.O.”
and do some further research on the value of art and works of art and expanded
it to the questions of the distribution of art.

Premiere: October 13, 2011 during eXplore dance festival 2011, Bucharest (RO)

"Eionometry" was in the competition for the Prix Jardin d'Europe 2011 in Bucharest (RO).

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