This project was initiated by the two dance artists Anna Schnabl and Igor Koruga, with the idea to emerge further into a collective collaboration.
The aim of the project was the study of social protocols and the rapture between the written and the actualised. The methodology of the project accepts theatre as the ultimate space, where these protocols are again and again demonstrated.

Being young, eager and at the constant improvement of the professional path, the artists are confronted with a severely confusing situation in the artistic sphere and a very specific audience. The dance audience – to which authors and collaborators themselves belong as well- the dance society of today is not naïve,
quite the contrary – it is demanding and it has developed standards that are not transparent, but yet actively present. So, what can we offer? What can satisfy us as creators and yet satisfy the basic communicative nature of theatre?

Participating artists:
Ana Schnabl (SI)
Igor Koruga (RS)
Celine Larrere (FR)
Martina Nevestić (HR)
Aleksandar Georgiev (MK)

After a residency in PTL, Ljubljana (SI), the artists continued working on their production in a residency at Rex Cultural Center in Belgrade.

Première: March 29, 2011 at Rex Cultural Center Belgrade.

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