In “War of Fictions” performers embody a series of physical and emotional states to produce experiential and kinaesthetic environments. They create and perform within fictional atmospheres where their actions, figures and movements suggest particular ways of relating to space, time, gravity/weight,
imagery and social behaviours.

“War of Fictions” proposes a journey where the performers’ and the audience’s
bodies are considered in all their potentiality to sense and navigate an
environment where anything is possible, where ephemeral scenographies
composed of the spectrum of sensory movements such as sounds, smells, lights,
temperature fluctuations and touches, also take part in this fictional machinery.

The dance performance “War of Fictions” is a collaborative work between Sidney
Leoni (FR) & Luís Miguel Félix (PT). Sound design by Peter Lenearts (BE); Odor design by Laurent-David Garnier (FR) and light & technical design by Nick Symons (BE).

Première: September 30, 2011 at Circular festival- Vila de condo (PT) 

Further Touring:
October 21, 22, 2011: MDT Stockholm (SE)

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