The contemporary dance theatre performance "Forget it!" is looking for common
points between the language and the behavioural patterns of artists with
different background, different culture. The international collective asks the
question: ‘how can we get to a common theatrical language starting from a
traditional theatre environment and a contemporary attitude’. The title "Forget
it!" refers to the fact that people, coming from different cultures, forget for a
moment about themselves, their language and give way to human values.

Participating artists:
Artistic concept: Dózsa Ákos (HU), Dombi Kati (HU)
Creators: Alain El Sakhawi (FR), Catalin Vieru (RO), Dombi Kati (HU), Dózsa
Ákos (HU), Massimo Trombetta (IT)
Director: Dózsa Ákos (HU)
Light Design: Vida Zoltán (HU)
Music: Kovácsovics Dávid (HU)
Artistic coach: Hegedüs Sándor (HU)
Production manager: Kulcsár Viktória (HU)
Special thanks to: Hudi László (HU)

Premiere: April 1, 2011 at MU Theatre Budapest (HU)

The performance was invited for the Theater Festival in Szeged,
Hungary on July 21, 2011. The organizer of Theater Festival (MASZK) invited the
project leaders to make a new première for the next year festival.

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