Tourist - a de-centred play

The English-German co-production ‘Tourist – a De-centred play’ brings slapstick, loud costumes, impossible magnetisms and large black holes onto the empty space of a stage. ‘Tourist’ is a strange visitor to the world of
contemporary dance. Three performers invade theatres, audiences, impossible landscapes, imagined territories with humour and resilience, finding themselves out of place and unsettled. Tourist invites the imagination of the audience to colour in what can’t be seen. Since 2008, Gabriele Reuter is developing Solo works that investigate the development and exchangeability of imaginary and real spaces. ‘Tourist – a de-centred play’ is a first translation of this research into a group process.

Concept/ Direction: Gabriele Reuter (UK)
Choreography & Dance: Julieta Figueroa (CL), Jane Leaney (UK), Gabriele
Reuter (UK)
with guests: Janina Rajakangas (Nottingham 2010), Susanne Martin (Berlin
2010), Gabriel Galindez Cruz (Berlin 2010), Ayara Hernandez-Holz (Berlin
2011), Melih Kirac (Istanbul 2010), Sally Doughty (Leicester 2011), Hermann
Heisig (Berlin 2011), Hetain Patel (Nottingham 2011)
Costume Design: Judith Adam
Lighting Design: Wassan Ali
Voice Coach: Alessio Castellacci
Sound Technician: Mattef Kuhlmey
Dramaturg: Michael Pinchbeck
Production Manager: Steffen Döring

Premiere: September 2, 2010 at Uferstudios Berlin (DE)

“Tourist – a De-centred Play” was invited to iDANS04 festival in
Istanbul and was in the competition for the Prix Jardin d’Europe awards 2010.

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