Humans as a construction of History live now their agonizing apocalypse. One year ago a group of scientists and activists started a project with the intention of exploring the possibility of a radical change at the core of human subjectivity. Now is the time for some partial conclusions and some possible future scenarios.

Florin Flueras is interested in activism, cultural terrorism, institution hacking and perception management, a.o. he has a background in psychology, choreography and informatics, he’s candidate for the Presidency of Romania and a founder member of " The Romanian Dance History".

Valentina Desideri is interested in self-organization, change and creating her own conditions of work. She is head of human resources at PAF, founder member of ‘Sweet and Tender Collaborations’. She works for pleasure not for pain.

Iuliana Teodora Stoianescu. female. 26. performer. choreographer. visual art high school. candidate for the First Lady of Romania. love. future technologies. utopia.

“Posthuman” premiered in Timisoara (RO), followed by a workshop lead by Florin Flueras (one of the co-authors), additional performance took place in 2010 in Bucharest, within eXplore dance festival #5 on October 2, 2010. Work in progress showings were organised in PAF/St.Erme, K3/Hamburg and WorkSpace Brussels /Brussels.

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