“Beyond » the Box is a performance/installation for a public space conceived and directed by the Spanish artist Javier Murugarren. A two meter square metal construction inspired by the houses of the ancient Anatolian
civilization of Catalhoyuk designed and built by the Istanbul based artist Gülsün Orhon serves as the scenography and provisional home for four performers, over the course of a 24 hour performance. A practice of structured improvisation, based in a researched vocabulary of movement, aims to facilitate a performative,
physical and relational sense of conversation, negotiation, and exchange, between those present in/at the space, performers and audience alike.

A durational performance/installation (24h): “Beyond the Box”. As the title reveals, „Beyond the Box“ is a transdisciplinary attempt in which street theatre, burlesque and cabaret meet improvisation and dance. Dressed in dotted and striped colorful clothes, with a DJ-set from which tones of both salsa and applauds came out, two bags filled with inflatable balls, funny hats and other props does the performance engage its audience in a compelling and generous way.

„Beyond the Box“ takes its spectators beyond normative ideas about both art, performance and themselves.

Premiere: October 30, 2010 during iDANS04 Festival Istanbul.

"Beyond the Box" was in the competition for the Prix Jardin d'Europe 2010.

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