“Fregoli syndrome or not the clothes make the man”
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“Fregoli syndrome” is a rare disorder in which a person holds a delusional belief disguise. The condition is named after the Italian quickchange artist Leopoldo Fregoli. It was co-produced by Workshop Foundation.

View the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsB8I8H5WOY

Choreographers: Réti Anna (HU), Claudio Stellato (IT/BE), Amos Ben Tal
(IL/NL), Újvári Milán (HU)
Dancers: Újvári Milán (HU), Réti Anna (HU)
Music: Amos Ben Tal (IL/NL),
Dramaturgy: Hudi László (HU), Szőke Sándor (HU)
Costumes: The Creators And Szűcs Edit (HU)
Scenography: Rácz Dóra (HU)
Graphics: Rácz Nóra (HU)
Lighting Design: Pete Orsi (HU)
Technician: Pelle Zoltán (HU)

The text of the song is based on Ferencz Gyozo’s poem, Fractal consciousness.

The piece was premiered on September 8, 2009 Trafo, Budapest (HU) after a creation period from Feburary 16 - September 30, 2009 in Budapest.

Amos Ben Tal and Anna Réti met in 2006 on the International Solo Dance Theater Festival Stuttgart, where Amos Ben Tal’s work Celine and Amos won the Third Prize for Choreography. And Anna Réti’s solo Inside out won the First Prize for Dancer, the Second Prize for Choreography, and the Public Prize. http://www.treffpunkt-rotebuehlplatz.de/home/

Amos Ben Tal was born in Israel in 1979, where he started his education as a dancer at the age of thirteen, finishing his training in Canada in 1997. Shortly after, he moved to the Netherlands to work with Nederlands Dans Theater 2 and later Nederlands Dans Theater 1. Not long ago, after six years of dancing and choreography, Amos started his solo career. Besides working as a choreographer, he is now also the front man of the band Noblesse, a three-piece indie-rock band from The Hague. Blending alt-rock, sleazy pop and punk with a noble touch, Noblesse unleashes a contagious brand of rock n' roll.

Claudio Stellato was born in Milan in 1977. He was trained in the "Civic Jazz Di Milano" in singing and guitar. And at the Centers des Arts du Cirque de Toulouse Le Lido, wire springs. He spent two years at street theater as a self-taught, since 2004 he has entered the world of contemporary dance. From 2007 he works with choreographer Karine Ponties in Belgium, and from 2003 for the Arcata theater company in France. He has also worked for the company K. Danse (2003), Olivier Py (2005) Roberto Olivan (2006) and Fré Werbrouck (2007). In October 2007 he has won the Second Prize and the Audience Prize at the festival Euroscenes in Leipzig, Germany, with the solo "240d".

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