“Darkness is the reset period of the light. Closing my eyes resets the image unfolding in front of it but does not reset the image in my memory. What will I perceive the next time when I open my eyes? My memory, a virgin image or a mix of? Routine circles of impressions (print in) and reprints give stability to my perception activities and prevent overflow. MEMORY RESET plays with the presence of stereotypes in every single step of our live.”

Choreography created and performed by: Jakub Truszkowski (Pl/BE), Elizaveta
Penkova (RU/BE)
Edited by: Ernst Süss (HU/AT)
Camera by: Ernst Süss (HU/AT), Balázs Lajti (PL)
Directed by: Ernst Süss (HU/AT), Jakub Truszkowski (Pl/BE),
The dance film was produced by the Jardin d’Europe co-organizer Műhely
Alapítvány / Workshop Foundation, INSTYTUT POLSKI w Budapeszcie / Polish
Institute in Budapest, Ultima Vez – Brussels, Nemzeti Kulturális Alap / The
National Cultural Fund of Hungary and Artus Contemporary Arts Studio –
Budapest et al.

Premiere at EDIT2009 - 5th International Dance Film Festival on October 15, 2009

The 20-minute long dance film was premièred in October 2009 at EDIT2009 – 5th International Dance Film Festival in Budapest and in December 2009 at Working Title Festival in Brussels.

Jakob Truszkowski created an own website, dedicating to this work:http://jakub-t.com/Memory_Reset/Home.html

Jakub Truszkowski was born in 1977 in Gdansk, Poland. He started his dance training in 1987 at the State Ballet School in Gdansk, where he obtained his degree in 1996. In 1995 and 1996, he performed several classical pieces in the Opera House of Gdansk. In 1996 Jakub was admitted to Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s school P.A.R.T.S. In January 2000 Jakub joined the company Rosas, dancing in the revival of Drumming and participating to the creation of In Real Time, Rain, April Me, Repertory Evening (2002), Bitches Brew / Tacoma Narrows and Kassandra, and the revival of Mozart / Concert Arias.
In 2008 he joined the company Les Ballets C de la B, dancing in Import Export and participating to the creation of Ashes.
He is a guest teacher at P.A.R.T.S.
His personal creations include 4 pieces: Solo For The Projector,  Improvisation Solo, Bodyscapes and Memory Reset.

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