28 years old Swedish choreographer Björn Säfsten has been producing stage works since 2006. His interest lies in researching dance movement as linguistics, questioning the stage-body as a representative subject or an abstract object, and constructing working methods for each new project through the practice of improvisation structures. Björn Säfsten has therefore developed his own method called “Domestic gestures”, which questions notions of heritage in dance seeking to break new grounds, while aiming at creating an intimate encounter with the audience. The performance “Compact Conversations” was the latest stage result
of this research process.

Participating artists: Björn Säfsten (SE) choreographer, Anja Arnquist (SE) dancer, Sophie Augot (FR) dancer, Madeleine Lindh (SE) dancer, Victor Saiz (ES) composer, Joanna Zawieja (PL) and Jésus Franch (ES) video and set designers, Jan Pettersson (SE) light designer

“Compact Conversations” was co-produced by Moderna Dansteatern (SE) and Dansens Hus (NO) with support from, amongst other, the Swedish arts Grant Committee and Cullberg Ballet.

In June 2009, during the creation period of “Compact Conversations”, Björn Säfsten was awarded the annual Birgit Cullberg Grant for Young Choreographers by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

Premiere: September 23, 2009 at SITE Stockholm (SE)

Further touring:
Platform for Young Choreographers / Tala Plesni Centar
Zagreb (HR) / September 27, 2009; Moderna Dansteatern c/o Fylkingen in
Stockholm (SE) / October 5 -11, 2009


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