I don’t know where to begin. I have so much to be thankful for the Prix Jardin d’Europe which has given me the opportunity to participate to this workshop. It has been a rewarding experience for me. It is the first I have been in contact with the European contemporary dance and I am impressed by its diversity and the huge dimension of its essence.

Impulstanz, especially 8: [tension]+ selection, has discovered a huge mix of styles and all forms of dance. I am always used to a contemporary dance which is mostly relying on physical language, and the festival was an occasion for me to find out conceptual dance in a very deep way since I was involved to be member of the jury of the 8: [tension] young choreographers’ series.

To be a member of jury requires a wide array of knowledge on dance writing, which we have been learning during the three weeks. Writing about dance has been always a tricky business because of its pluridisciplinarity. Critical Endeavour was an area for young critics to go in depth within the contemporary dance, and to learn about criticism, a way to have a fair judgment at a performance or an installation.

Engaging discussion about a piece on which every participant has different opinion was a valuable experience especially for me since I am always used to have my own idea on a piece. This kind of collective reflection needs to be developed in a country like Madagascar where contemporary dance growingly flourishes so that choreographers can have as a feed-back a different way of seeing their work.

Personally, the difficult thing with Critical Endeavour was having to take everything in really quickly, with little or no time between performances and discussion session to actually understand what you have seen.

High level discussion on contemporary dance in English was really exhausting since I am not an English native speaker, it would be great if there is a French session in the future. Of course, this session allows me to practice my English and I found it as a valuable experience.

In a word, Critical Endeavour was a rewarding experience for me and I would like to thank Prix Jardin d’Europe and Impulstanz for the invitation.


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