Some reflections about “Critical Endeavour”
By Berna Kurt


I’ll try to express my thoughts on the experience of the first Critical Endeavour workshop very briefly.

First of all, I must say that it was a workshop which contributed a lot to me. Seeing so much performances and being able to discuss them with colleagues was also very important. Thanks again to all of the organizers and Franz Anton Cramer…


1) Work with coaches:

- We’ve been introduced to different approaches; learned about the experiences of writing. Exercises  and homeworks contributed to us.

- Besides of the content of the workshop, I think that the management of power relations within the group (pedagogical -and political- moderation of the discussion) is also important. I thank to Gia, Pieter, Gerard and of course Franz Anton Cramer for their empirical way of communicating with us.

 - For the future workshops; it would be useful to lecture briefly on a historical development of dance criticism in different regions -dance criticism traditions.

(Gia Kourlas gave us some documents, it was helpful…)

 - We have no much time, I know; but it’s important to give feedback to the coaches about their part; we could only talk to Gerard Mayen about it.


2) Jury business:


- Franz Anton’s management saved us! Thanks to him, our different backgrounds and experiences has turned to a positive component. His way of tackling the different approaches and finding a common ground, his impartiality brought a positive result.

- But the real differences of socio-economical backgrounds and choreographic experience between the competitors complicated the process of evaluation for us.


Last sentence about Franz Anton’s editing for Der Standard: it was very successful; he could manage the difficult process despite our amateurism…



Berna Kurt

28th August, 2008

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