I found the program "Critical Endeavour" very useful. One of the reasons is the mentorship of Franz Anton Cramer and his thoughtful guidance, careful preparation of the workshop(s) and smooth and fruitful mediation of the jury process. The sessions with the different tutors were also very interesting, and it was great that we had the opportunity to work with different people, though it was too short with some of them. I personally would prefer to have 3 or 4 days with three tutors, then 1-2days with more, as this reflects on the quality (and the depth) of the process.  

A major positive point was also the organizing (thanks to Kordula Fritze). Though it was sometimes tiring it was great that we could see so many performances and use them as a material for the work in the workshop. Our program was very carefully designed, so that we had the opportunity to see many things without running between two performances in different theatres etc.

Another positive point was the accommodation. It is very important to be in quite place, to be able to work on your own, in your own space and to be detached from the others for a while (as we spent about 10-12 hours a day together). And the freedom that gives the separate apartment (in difference with the condominium) – to cook and to go home whenever, so that to be able to have an optimal daily program; and also not be with everybody all the time. But the most important of course remains the possibility to work and to think on your own, in your private, separate space.

Doing the jury work was very interesting and exhausting in the same time. But I think that in this particular case all of us where happy doing this, as at the end we were content with the result of our work. It is an issue though how can a critical workshop and a jury work be conducted in the same time – if there is no controversy in this.

Also good for our work was to be in close connection with Christa Spatt - knowing the process of the selection added a new dimension of the work of the jury. And in overall the good communication with the whole festival in general.

Very very very useful were of course the bikes, but this goes to everybody, not just to Crit End.

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