Critical Endeavor / evaluation
By Ana Vilenica


-            concerning differences with in the group-

I find that the differences with in the group were a positive side but I propose for the future a process to start on earlier stage for the benefit of knowing each other and each others work beater. for instance meeting place on internet would be a good solution. the meeting should start few weeks before arrival to the physical place.

     -  workshop leaders-

the working process with some of the leaders was too short. maybe it would be better to chose just two or tree and give them more time to work with a group.

    -bringing together critical endeavor and jury business

this project was thought as a project aiming towards improving the discords in contemporary dance criticism.  this part I found to be very important and valuable concerning situation in this field in my country. bringing this project together with jury work brought misbalance. it became much more important and so directed a project from its aim to improve critical writing to the problem how to judge. (for me there is a grate difference between judging and being critical writer). I think that the issue of giving price and making judgment in contemporary dance is as well important and great topic and I think that in this part of the work happened real critical struggle but as well i believe that the two things should be capped separate.

  - coach -

in my opinion mr. Cramer did a great job in negotiating the whole situation. he managed to keep his unobtrusive presence  but at the same time to really have a sense when his help an claver advice is needed.

 - collaboration with Standard

the idea was good but at the end it turn out to be something really unexpected. Because of the demands made by newspaper we were stuck to the same rules we have to negotiate all the time in our work. i believe that the idea was to have more free space for other kind of work so in this direction i was thinking that maybe something as an independent publication one page printed or something like that during the workshop witch could be distributed among the audience of the festival could work better.

-            final remarks

The whole idea I consider to be really important, and for me that was valuable opportunity to meat people have a vivid discussions about dance and also to see the performances, so thank you guess for that!


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